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Live Performance

Nick & Dee-Dee (U.S.A.)
“We recently had the great pleasure of taking a 28 day Asian cruise with Holland America. The cruise was excellent, but the crowning touch at the end of each day was enjoying the extraordinary talent and wit of Piano Man Tom.

He entertained us each night at the crowded Piano Bar with beautiful Irish music as well as many sing-along songs, both old and new, and so many original ballads and ditties.

He truly made our cruise memorable and so much fun. We would sail with him again in a heartbeat. Tom’s CDs are also awesome.”

Mel & Marcia (U.S.A.)
“We would like to say that Piano Man Tom has been our favorite entertainer aboard any trip we took. Not only is Tom blessed with wonderful talent, his range of music is fabulous and he is just as nice a person as well.

Our favorite of all is “Together”…such a beautiful song…and for Marcia, being a Hospice RN, the song “Content To Serve” is very special. We will never forget our choir on board the ship which was organized and directed by Tom and the surprise for Mel on his birthday when Tom performed the “Camelot” music!

And so we say to you, Tom…”THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC”!!!

Tom’s Music

Frank F (U.S.A.)
“Leave no stone unturned in the quest for musical excellence” may well be his motto, but the end result of the efforts of Irish singer/songwriter Piano Man Tom are more along the lines of Uprooting Musical Boulders!

Not only has Piano Man Tom written some of the most unique love songs with lyrics that truly tug at the heartstrings, but his talents also include whimsical comic renditions that delight listeners of all ages. He has also composed a mass and developed church choral works as well.

Fresh off his seven month performance tour of the world on Holland America cruise ships, Tom has now expanded his efforts by producing new albums, including his latest called “Songs From Ireland.” Still pushing musical boulders, Piano Man Tom has simultaneously co-written a new musical called “A Mighty Catch.”

Personally speaking, I first met Tom while a cruise passenger on a 42 day cruise in 2014. He captivated the crowds gathered around his piano sing-along each evening, and also organized and directed us in a newly formed church choir on board. All of us felt that he was, indeed, A Mighty Catch!

However, to see what all he has already accomplished in a few months since returning home to Ireland is evidence enough that we shall witness more musical boulder uprooting soon.”

John (Ireland)
“Located in stylistic territory somewhere between Rufus Wainwright, Billy Joel, and Broadway, Piano Man Tom’s melodic, literate music is as sophisticated as it is accessible.” (

Helene C (Ireland)
“Tom (Piano Man Tom) is a modern Aesop!

His songs are tales of life, love and hope; witty fables that reveal great truths and offer good advice. Tom is not only a brilliant musician and talented singer but also an enchanting poet, a story-teller, a philosopher who delivers each performance with charisma and panache.”

First Original Songs Album (Handwoven Stories)

Joan K (Ireland)
“Piano Man Tom is, in my opinion, an extremely talented performer and songwriter. My favorite song is “When You Get To Heaven”. It reminds me of my Dad and has a lovely melody.

My kids love “My Pretty Ballerina” and even made up a dance to go with it. Tom’s music appeals to all ages and each new CD brings a new dimension to his work. Have a listen… won’t be disappointed.”

Alan P (Ireland)
“Piano Man Tom’s use of composition techniques such as the use of dynamics, catchy melodies, and impressive word painting in his music allows the listener to be entertained, relaxed, and left inspired.

His music challenges your imaginative capabilities with such songs as “Mr. Fox the Chatterbox” and more serious themed songs like “Pretend” by dragging you in and out of his own fantasies.

Second Original Songs Album (Make A Wish)

Martin L (Ireland)
This is an excellent album, really good to listen to. I would recommend anyone to get it. Well done Piano Man Tom!

Beverly S (U.S.A.)
Piano Man Tom did it again! Tom has created an album of wonderful musical stories. These compositions will either tug at your heart, put a smile to your face, or a tear in your eye. Whatever your emotion, you will be saying…Thanks!

Frank F (U.S.A.)
Piano Man Tom has released another album showcasing his eclectic repertoire. Leading off with the haunting lyrics of “How Would I Know” and closing out with the likes of “Heavens Road.” Tom includes one of this years finest tributes to the Royals with the beautiful “Diana’s Royal Child.”
For humor and wit, the upbeat “Irish Shamrock Band” along with “Pretty Kitty” will certainly delight.

Joan K (Ireland)
Fantastic album, but then I would expect nothing less from this very talented man. Super pianist and songwriter. Great stories told through song. Serious topics and a bit of comedy thrown in. This album has it all!


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