Songs From Ireland

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1. Too-ra Loo-ra Loo-ral
Piano Man Tom  


2. Galway Bay
Piano Man Tom  


3. It's A Long Way To Tipperary
Piano Man Tom  


4. Molly Malone
Piano Man Tom  


5. Danny Boy
Piano Man Tom  


6. The Unicorn Song
Piano Man Tom  


7. The Rose Of Tralee
Piano Man Tom  


8. The Voyage
Piano Man Tom  


9. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
Piano Man Tom  

Why I Recorded “Songs From Ireland” – Piano Man Tom

Having spent several months performing at sea on Holland America Cruise Line’s ships during 2014 and 2015, it never ceased to amaze me how much enjoyment people of all nationalities get from listening to Irish songs and melodies. It’s as if these songs transcend all barriers and speak to people at a deep and profound level.

While performing on the ships, I created theme nights like “Songs From The Musicals”, “Songs From The Movies”, and many more. My favorite night of all though, which I looked forward to every time it came around, was my “Songs From Ireland” night.

During these nights, I repeatedly received requests from people asking if I had a CD of my favorite Irish songs. Unfortunately, I had to say no to all of these people, with the promise that someday I would record the CD. Now I am happy to say that I achieved this ambition and have recorded what I consider to be a few of Ireland’s greatest songs.

I hope that while listening to this CD, you can close your eyes and get a feeling of what it is like to be in Ireland. Think of it as an adventure into times long past…through melodies from yesteryear…and stories of an age gone by which will live forever through these songs.

Lyrically, these pieces are full of imagery, romantic language, Irish phrases, and a bit of good old Irish humor too. I still smile when I listen to “It’s A Long Way To Tipperary” and “The Unicorn Song”. Other songs will never be forgotten like “Danny Boy”, “Galway Bay”, and the beautiful “Rose Of Tralee.”

Perhaps one of my favorite of all would be “Too-ra Loo-ra Loo-ral” and the contemporary composition “The Voyage” is a very appropriate song to include on the CD, having spent so long at sea on my own voyage of discovery.

Whatever your favorite song turns out to be, I hope you enjoy the whole CD and who knows, I might see you in Ireland sometime or meet you on my travels. If I do, I’ll greet you with a smile…because…as I’m sure you know…”When Irish eyes are smiling, sure they steal your heart away.” 🙂 Happy listening!

Enjoy! 🙂

“Songs From Ireland” – Second Album



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