Prayer Of My Heart


1. Prayer Of My Heart (feat. Bonn Barretto)
Piano Man Tom & Friends  


2. Together (feat. Zuzana Juríčková)
Piano Man Tom & Friends  

Track Information

1.Prayer Of My Heart (feat. Bonn Barretto)
2.Here At Your Table (feat. Maria Whyte)
3.Together (feat. Zuzana Juríčková)
4.Follow In His Footsteps (feat. Lockdown Virtual Choir)
5.Pure In Heart (feat. Sofia Kravets)
6.Move Mountains (feat. Bonn Barretto)
7.Take These Gifts (feat. Karen Kealy)
8.When You Make A Wish (feat. Helen Rosney-Lowry)

Album Information

A beautiful album of some of Tom’s hymns he’s composed and helped to compose.

Performed by different singers from around the world.

Available to stream and purchase on all Digital Music Platforms.



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