Handwoven Stories

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1. When You Get To Heaven
Piano Man Tom  


2. Pretend
Piano Man Tom  


3. Sophia Maria
Piano Man Tom  


4. IOU My Heart
Piano Man Tom  


5. Mammy, There's A Rat In The Bath!
Piano Man Tom  


6. Number One Fan
Piano Man Tom  


7. My Pretty Ballerina
Piano Man Tom  


8. The Deadly Banshee
Piano Man Tom  


9. My Sweet, Sweet Angel
Piano Man Tom  


10. The Moon Is Within Reach
Piano Man Tom  

Album Review

Album Name: “Handwoven Stories”
Artist: Piano Man Tom
Reviewed by: Lauren Fitzpatrick (Winner of HotPress 2015’s “Write Here, Write Now” Competition)

The name Piano Man Tom brings to mind the song ‘Piano Man’ by Billy Joel. Funnily enough, the artists are quite similar in their Broadway sound and the storytelling quality of their music. But Tom is far from a Billy Joel tribute act.

Similarities can be drawn between him and such diverse acts as Elton John, Leonard Cohen, and Bob Dylan, yet he maintains enough originality to remain very much his own original artist.

Storytelling is particularly important in the work of Piano Man Tom, so much so that the entire album is named “Handwoven Stories.” Now you may be wondering what kind of stories these are exactly. The answer? Every kind.

From the children’s story sounding “Mammy There’s a Rat in the Bath” to the chilling tales told in “The Deadly Banshee” and “Number One Fan.” Tom seizes your imagination and pulls you smoothly and melodically from story to story, in and out of his own fantasies and leaving you feeling entertained and inspired.

Tom himself describes the album as “Story-songs for all the family to enjoy together” and this couldn’t be more accurate. No matter what your age or attitude to this type of music, it’s certainly worth picking up. I’m sure you’ll be impressed and possibly surprised by some of the strange musical sounds scattered throughout.

Album Information

“Handwoven Stories” is Piano Man Tom’s first full length album, featuring 12 original songs composed, performed, and produced by Tom.

Work on the album began towards the end of 2011 and the finished CD was completed in 2014. After returning from performing around the world for several months, Tom then released the album in June, 2015.

The theme of “Handwoven Stories” is as the name inplies, stories set to music. Each song is a stand alone story in itself and they tackle many different subjects like love, surprise, grief, hope, and many more…Tom also decided to use many different instruments from track to track to create as much variety as possible. Hopefully, this will come across as you listen to the album and it will be an enjoyable experience.

“Handwoven Stories” was all recorded in Tom’s own studio and mixing was expertly done by Joe Gallager at GAF studios, New Inn, County Tipperary, Ireland.

Mastering for the songs was completed by Richard Downling at WAV Mastering in County Limerick and also by Fergal Davis at Fergal Davis Mastering in County Dublin.

If you would like to purchase the album, it can be downloaded digitally from iTunes or a physical CD can be purchased from CD Baby.
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